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Christmas Cake Poem

Christmas Poem
"The Christmas Birthday Cake"
When I think of Jesus' childhood
There's a thing I must get straight
If Christmas wasn't Christmas,
How did Jesus celebrate?
I know he didn't have a tree
With lights and all the trim,
I'll bet his mother, Mary,
Baked a Christmas cake for him.
She probably called it birthday cake
With the candles all aglow
Then little Jesus made his wish.
Blew 'em out with just one blow.
And little Jesus' friends were there
With presents they would bring,
Since they didn't have the carols,
What fun songs did they sing?
I'll think they sang the birthday song
And had all kinds of fun.
Then Mary cut that birthday cake,
A piece for everyone.
Since Christmas's still his birthday
I rejoice for Jesus sake.
I love the tree and lights and toys.
And I'd like some birthday cake.
The Christmas Birthday Cake
Christmas poem by Grandpa Tucker
(Copyright  1996)

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