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Exploring Vintage Cookbooks

Do you love old cookbooks and recipe pamphlets?  Do you enjoy searching for them in antique shops or even your grandmother's attic? The vintage recipes, color and great graphics make them special. And occasionally you might have a surprise tucked inside, like someone's forgotten shopping list. I am including a few of them here that you might want to seek out in your travels.  Prices sometime vary according to geographic location.  Happy Hunting!
Fleischmann's Recipes - 1916
 This is a wonderful vintage recipe pamphlet from Fleischmann's printed in 1916.
back cover
The Silent Hostess Treasure Book
Vintage cookbook from General Electric Company published in 1931.
"Fortunately, those days are past when the homemaker must sacrifice all outside interest for the sake of her home.
First came the electric iron--the steps it saved from the stove to the ironing board and back again amounted to several miles a year.  Next, the washing machine, to save backs from aching and knuckles from cracking--and again a saving of time.  And then the vacumm cleaner--what a relief from the tiresome and dirty task of sweeping!
And now the electric refrigerator.  Not only can it save the housewife time and energy, but it can actually work for her.  With a little planning on her part it can take an active part in the preparation and serving of her meals.
This new and latest contribution to efficient homemaking has untold possibilities for the housewife.  She is already familiar with the fact that it contributes greatly to her family's good health, by maintaining a constant low temperature and insuring proper food protection.  But so many new avenues are now open to owners of electric refrigerators that few yet appreciate its full value".
 Blue Ribbon Malt Extract - 1928
  Vintage Recipe Brochure
To the Housewives of America
"The recipes selected for this edition of the Blue Ribbon Recipe Book were chosen from many hundreds which were submitted to me.  Each recipe printed here has been thoroughly tried in our own Model Kitchen, and submitted to various Home Economics experts who pronounced the results perfect.
Breads and other goods baked with Blue Ribbon Malt Extract will also keep their freshness and tastiness much longer.
This book contains a wide and delicious selection of foods and confections suitable for every meal of the day.  Why not choose now some new, palatable treat for your next meal".
Premier Malt Products Co.
   Knox Gelatine Desserts, Salads, Candies
Copyright 1941 by Charles B. Knox Gelatine Co., Inc. Johnstown, NY.  53 pages and beautiful printed lithograph images.
Betty Crocker's Softasilk Special Occasion Cakes
Copyright 1957 booklet published by General Mills.  31 pages. 
We discovered a wonderful website which sells vintage cookbooks. 

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