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Sweet Kathleen's
2259 Collinworth Drive
Marietta, GA 30062




What People are Saying

A little bit of heaven in every bite!
I am a New Yorker and I thought I knew good cheesecake until I tried Sweet Kathleen's.  Every bite was a party for my taste buds.  The creamy fresh goodness of her cheesecakes put New York cheesecakes to shame.  I came to find out that not only is Sweet Kathleen a native New Yorker,  her baking skills grew out of an Italian-American kitchen.  Her cookies hold the secrets of the old world bakers, and bring with them the aromas, tastes and textures of a time gone by.  And, after many years of southern living, her Red Velvet cake tastes like the song of the south.  If you're a cake and cookie lover, you'll love Sweet Kathleen's.
Cynthia Mancione

I have ordered 2 separate cakes and each time they have been super moist and yummy! I am getting ready to order my 3rd. Kat is super nice and always a pleasure to work with.
Lynn Williams
New York Cheesecake to DIE for!!!
I had the pleasure of meeting Kat (owner of Sweet Kathleen's) when I ordered my FIRST cheesecake.  From the very first bite I was definitely hooked on the creamiest, most fabulicious New York cheesecake I have ever tasted.  Not to mention the choice of toppings she customized for my event.  Her "secret ingredients" as well as her passion for baking is all natural and from the heart.  My friends and family have enjoyed Sweet Kathleen's cakes and cookies for many, many desserts.  (Her Italian cookies are to die for too).  Let me close by saying Sweet Kathleen's cakes and cookies are worth every mile on the treadmill.
Niki LaPenta

Sweet Kathleen's is the best! Feels like I'm back in New York with the top of the line bakeries. Delicious!!
Jennifer Long

Thank You!
Just a quick word to say "thank you" for our cake delivery on Monday. Delicious! I will be recommending your website on to friends. Many thanks again.
D. Malone
Thank you, Sweet Kathleen's
The first thing you must know about me to appreciate my experience with Sweet Kathleen's is that I pride myself on my baking skills.  You could even say I'm a baking snob.  Only the freshest and finest ingredients will do for me.  I could taste a cake and tell you the ingredients in a few bites.  I can also tell you if the ingredients are the real thing or artificial.  Before I was introduced to Sweet Kathleen's you could find me on any given day in my kitchen baking all kinds of cakes and cookies, because no one could compare with my baking.  Well, imagine my surprise when I tasted my first bite of a Sweet Kathleen's cheesecake.  It was shock and awe.  The cheesecake was so fresh and creamy.  I thought it came straight from a country kitchen to my mouth.  I could imagine the open fields with cows grazing on the dew kissed lawn, butter churning the old-fashioned way and milkmaids tending the cows.  The cheesecake was so good.  When it was gone, I had to swallow my pride and buy (yes me, Miss Home baker herself) another Sweet Kathleen's product.  This time it would be a pound cake.  Well, I was left speechless.  Sweet Kathleen's pound cake was as smooth as silk and as rich as Midas.  I had met my match.  Sweet Kathleen had outdone me, product after product, cookies baked the old-fashioned way, cakes with the creamiest homemade frosting, every bite better than the last one.  Finally, I had to hang up my apron and admit defeat.  How could you compete with perfection, and why would you try?  Thank you Sweet Kathleen's for my new found freedom.  I now have time to spend with my family while we all enjoy your baking!
Francine Uomoleale

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